What a letdown finding out the person you want has no desire to fulfill your sexual needs cause they can't squeeze it into their schedule. Beating yourself up over every perceived mistake is the work of an internal abuser who must be restrained and reformed. I just want to care for and nurture my kitten. She must obey. But I like naughty girls too. Waiting for scraps of attention is draining on my heart but I keep impatiently waiting for more.

The fact that the government has decided that a bunch of sexual activities are bad and banned just made them that much more fun to do! Woke up with huge erection . Really wish I had a sub / kitten to take care of it.
As He held me, I felt great freedom fill my heart, a calm come to my body & soul, & a smile soared to my face. I had found my Home. Patience is not a Dominant woman's most famous virtue. (Please vent frustration on nearest slave, or male in general, whichever is closest.)

Physical attractions are common, but a MENTAL connection is rare. Once you have had the latter, the former will never be enough. Communication is essential for good power exchange. If a domme asks for clarification,provide it. The better info given,the better play. A good Dom will encourage you to embrace all that you are. There is no shame in being submissive, in fact, it is very powerful.

I could really go for some face stuff. Fucking, slapping, cumming on... Or any combination there of... I'm nothing but accommodating.