There's just something about a man who's gentle side gets you weak in the knees, and his dominant side gets you wet between the legs. I hate moving furniture. I'm gonna have to today. Out of storage, on & off truck, in house, in room. And again in reverse for old piece. So today is going well. 40 minutes late for work due to trains being shit, drink leaked in my bag so much that I had to throw the bag away. If you need guidance or protection. Daddy is here for you. Another saturday night when i could be spoiling my sub, instead I'm eating shitty chinese food & contemplating a shower and sex toy session. I don't have a dark side. I just need to be abused in a controlled way from time to time. It's who I am. It's not deviant or shameful. A black storm is brewing, just like inside my soul. Knowing how strong I can be is what drives me to submit. To give up all control and have another take charge. There is nothing more freeing. As a daddy, if you can't adhere to the rules you set, I can't respect or trust you.